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About To The Top

This organization was founded off of the idea that gaming can be competitive, and at the same time that gaming can be something to be proud of. We strive to be in command of the field of play at all times, while keeping intact our integrity and sportsmanship. The driving force behind all of Tx3, are these very principals.

Our mission is to win! We compete in multiple online multi-player games, and are pursuing a path that will lead us to victories on the main podium of each game that we play. We can only achieve this goal, by adhering to our core values stated above; also, we desire to attain a status of professionalism that is not found in or around many online gaming organizations.

Each member of To The Top, is To The Top. We represent us. This is our home. When we show that we no longer value our home as much as the self, no longer do we represent the team as a whole. Here at Tx3, we work towards sportsmanship like attitudes, and identifying with something greater than our selves. We identify as Tx3! The team is us, and we are the team, and as such we will succeed together!

If you would like to contact us, please email: info@Team-Tx3.com